JAC Designs - biography

Biography Jane Ann early years illustration

Jane-Ann’s promising art career came to an abrupt halt when she failed O Level art. This minor hiccup did not fail to stop her painting and dabbling with designs of her own. It was only many years later after a successful career teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL), that she became a full time artist when one of her daughters, realising a niche in the market, started selling her paintings.

Jane-Ann taught TEFL, often in exotic locations, for many years before she switched to Interior Design. The mice surfaced during these Interior Design years in response to an overdose of minimalism and proved to have a powerful and anarchic life of their own. It was the fact that they were much appreciated by her children and grandchildren that encouraged her to start painting bespoke commissions for other people.

At first Jane-Ann painted mice pictures for her children and family for fun or when she needed a special present. Then other people soon cottoned on to the fact that instead of giving another piece of plastic for christenings, weddings, birthdays, all kinds of anniversaries and of course Christmas, they could give a completely original picture with special significance instead.

Blowing my own trumpet!
“Without wishing to blow my own trumpet people seem genuinely moved by my ideas.”

Jane-Ann is also a serious artist with training in mural painting, trompe l’oeil and technical drawing and a good part of her work is producing visuals for the Interior Design world.